Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Professional Pet Grooming and Animal Care for Your Companions

Proper grooming and pet bathing are important for your animal companions. While pets make for great friends, they often require a bit of help when it comes to proper grooming. Grooming pets can be hard. Our veterinary experts at Delmarva Animal Emergency Center in Dover, DE can help.

Here’s Why Pet Grooming Is So Important

Many pets enjoy active lifestyles indoors and outdoors. Over time, their fur can get dirty. Cats and some other pets are pretty good about cleaning themselves, but dogs often need some extra help. Even cats can use proper pet bathing from time to time.

Fur can get matted and if you don’t comb out the knots and tangles quickly, it can become near impossible to work with. In some cases, you may have to shave your pet’s fur off completely so they can regrow new fur.

Grooming also provides you and your groomers an opportunity to check up on your animal. It’s possible that your dog, cat, or other pet is suffering from rashes, tick bites, and other issues. While giving your pet a bath, you can keep an eye out for these issues.

Fleas are another major nuisance. Frequent pet bathing may reduce the risk of your pet getting fleas. At the very least, a groomer may notice fleas while giving your pet a wash. If fleas, ticks, and other parasites are present, special shampoos and other treatments can be used to kill them off.

Trimming nails is also important. If your cat has long nails, he or she may be more likely to tear up your furniture. Likewise, even the friendliest family dog could accidentally scratch you and your family if their nails are too long and sharp. Trimming nails can be difficult, but a veterinarian can help!

If you’re looking for professional pet grooming and you live in or near Dover, DE, contact us and speak with our veterinarian!

Contact Delmarva Animal Emergency Center in Dover, DE for all your pet bathing, trimming, and grooming needs!

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